Photos of the colored facades of the houses of Porto Venere

The ancient town

A town rich in history

Porto Venere

The ancient town

Porto Venere is a seaside town brimming with history that dates back to ancient Rome.
The oldest and most charming part of the town is surely the series of towering homes lining the marina, the village’s first line of defense against enemies arriving by sea.
The towers are connected to the village’s main street—the carruggio—by two vaulted staircases, that, from the historic entrance, run through the entire village until it reaches Piazzetta Spallanzani, the square in front of the church of San Pietro , or Saint Peter. From the carruggio, even more staircases, one named after San Venerio, lead to the upper urban heart of the village, where the Romanesque church of San Lorenzo , or Saint Lawrence, stands. Construction of the church began in the year 1116, which was consecrated by Pope Innocent II in 1130.
The most important religious building, however, is the church dedicated to St. Peter the Apostle .
The church has become the symbol of the town and is famous for its panoramic views and architecture.


Isola Palmaria, is the largest of the three islands in the Gulf of La Spezia and all of Liguria, located just in front of the village of Porto Venere. South of Isola Palmaria is the island of Tino, recognizable by its rocky and triangular shape...


A UNESCO site, entering the list of World Heritage sites in 1997, the Porto Venere Regional Natural Park is also a Marine Protected Area.
Visitors can expect a crystal-clear sea, due in part to its currents...



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