View from the sea of the natural rock climbing wall of Porto Venere


Sports climbing


On natural rock gyms

In terms of sport, Porto Venere is particularly known for its natural rock gyms, where climbing fanatics can enjoy their hobby all year round thanks to mild winters and to the fact that the cliffs are exposed on the west and are therefore sheltered from the icy northern winds. Who knows, you may also run into famous athletes from northeastern Europe who train in the Gulf of Poets during the winter.
The gym is located on the cliffs of Mount Muzzerone overlooking the sea, a natural environment of extraordinary beauty. With routes for all levels—from beginners to experts—there is truly a great variety of choice among the 18 climbing sectors on Mount Muzzerone and the two on Isola Palmaria, on the Carlo Alberto and Pozzale cliffs. And there are over 300 climbing routes (with 67 on the central wall alone!)

The equipped routes have imaginative names, such as Specchio di Atlantide, Parete delle Meraviglie, Caienna, and Pilastro delle Discordia, as do the individual routes: Kerosene, Garimperos, Ovomaltina, Spartacus, Vispa Teresa, Tabacco del Moro, Delirium, Totano Lesso, Mangiafuoco, and more. Recently, a hut for hikers and climbers has opened, with a restaurant and beds, and is accessible from Porto Venere along the paths AVG, AV5T and 519.