Photo of the Doria Castle, the majestic fortress behind the village

Castello Doria

A majestic fortress rising above the village

The Castle

Rich in history and charm

The restored Doria Castle, built around 1160 and with several renovations from the 15th to the 17th centuries, stands majestically behind the hamlet and the surrounding walls of the village itself. The fortress, one of the most impressive works of military architecture to testify to the power of the Republic of Genoa, has a pentagonal design, with the southern bastion extending towards the sea.
The entrance door is also impressive, leading to a large room with a vaulted ceiling. A staircase leads to the Sala Ipostilla (Ipostilla Room), which shows cross vaults resting on pillars. Above is the Casa del Capitano del Popolo (Home of the Captain of the People). On the mountain side you can admire the walkways, watchtowers and embrasures.

La Torre Capitolare

Nella cinta muraria, alla porta d’ingresso del borgo, si colloca la Torre Capitolare, eretta nel 1161, che presenta aperture ornate di bifore e trifore.
Alla sinistra dell’ingresso sono collocate due misure genovesi di capacità per cereali, sale ed altri generi commercializzati.